Fostering Sustainable Livelihoods for Refugees

Fostering Sustainable Livelihoods for Refugees

Fostering Sustainable Livelihoods for Refugees through “Jobtech for Refugees (J4R)” Program in Partnership with Mercy Corps

Amidst unprecedented global challenges, the resilience of refugee communities stands as a testament to the indomitable human spirit. Uganda, hosting over 1.5 million refugees and boasting the highest number in Africa, embodies this resilience. Yet, refugees encounter substantial barriers in accessing job markets in host countries, including language obstacles and challenges in validating education certifications. Kolaborate, an innovative talent marketplace, has emerged as a transformative force, systematically dismantling these barriers and providing refugees with a virtual space to showcase their talents, apply for local opportunities, and overcome the challenges they face.

Collaboration with JobTech Alliance under Mercy Corps:

In a significant stride towards empowering underserved communities, our alliance with JobTech, under the program entitled “Jobtech for Refugees (J4R),” is made possible through a partnership with Mercy Corps. This collaboration actively addresses challenges faced by refugees in accessing dignified work through meticulously designed initiatives and comprehensive outreach programs. It aims to bridge the gap between refugees’ skills and the abundant opportunities available in the digital marketplace. Beyond providing a platform for skills showcase, the commitment involves actively connecting refugees with earning opportunities that foster economic independence.

Global Reach and Inclusivity:

Kolaborate, with its expansive global reach, enables refugees to tap into diverse opportunities regardless of their physical location. This inclusivity fosters a profound sense of belonging and empowers displaced individuals to make meaningful contributions to their new communities. Success stories, such as the awareness of platform work, to over 70 refugees conducted together with the African Youth Action Network (AYAN) in November, 2023 has started to garner fruit with the completion of two graphic design gig cycles with a refugee from Congo, underscore the platform’s potential and commitment to providing impactful solutions.

Impactful Solutions and Future Aspirations:

Under the MOU between Kolaborate Platforms and JobTech Alliance, within the funded program titled “Jobtech for Refugees (J4R),” this collaborative project aspires to make a lasting impact on the lives of displaced individuals. It envisions a future where collaboration, innovation, and sustainable livelihoods take center stage. By combining the strengths of Kolaborate and the expertise of JobTech Alliance, the initiative not only addresses immediate challenges but sets the stage for a transformative journey towards empowering refugee communities globally.


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